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Discover the new sensations of flight

Our team IDecoTrade is pleased to present you our ultralight glider of new generation - Grif. This model has unique flight and technical characteristics, which enable you to enjoy new sensations of flight during the day light hours. All models are equipped with paramotor, photocells and emergency landing parachute system. Can be both foot launched (from mountain slopes and hills) as well as wheel launched.


Feel your individuality in the sky. Select a color scheme of glider to suit your preference or order your personal design of coloring.


All our models are equipped with emergency landing parachute system. Materials, components and equipment are passing through rigorous selection and supplied by specialized European companies. Each model is assembling by hand and passing through quality control.

Technical specifications

Cruising speed — 65 km/h

Maximum permissible speed — 160 km/h

Maximum aerodynamic efficiency — 28

Minimum rate of decline — 0.65 m/s

Empty weight — 36-42 kg

Maximum takeoff weight — 140 kg

Wingspan — 32.8 ft

Length — 15.4 ft

Height — 3.3 ft

Number of seats - 1

Special price is only

25,000 EUR


Contact us

IDeco Trade, Suite 1416, 111 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1QX, Scotland

+44 141 846 0019


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